Quick Facts

  • JEDI Balancing Incorporated in Colorado in the year 2000 and is the largest Testing and Balancing firm in the state
  • The JEDI Balancing team has over 200 years combined TAB experience in Colorado
  • The company has completed more than 7000 projects with over 350 projects completed each year
  • With 24 individual certifications, JEDI Balancing employs more certified supervisors and technicians than any TAB firm in Colorado
  • All JEDI Balancing projects are managed onsite by certified personnel
  • JEDI Balancing utilizes the latest technology to ensure quality and is the first balancing contractor to have fully digital CAD and reporting departments
  • All completed projects are backed by a one-year warranty from the date of completion
Denver Convention Center Hotel
JEDI Balancing completed work on the Denver Convention Center Hotel in 2005

Detailed Facts

  • JEDI Balancing is Colorado's hospital and laboratory expert:
    • The Denver Children's Hospital is the largest hospital project ever constructed in Colorado and the largest TAB contract in Colorado history
    • This contract was awarded to JEDI Balancing because of the company's proven expertise and resources, including the company's bonding capacity of $1,000,000
    • Hospital construction completed on-schedule in October 2007
  • JEDI Balancing offers TAB verification upon the completion of all projects.
  • NEBB & TABB guarantee our certified reports to be in accordance with the NEBB Procedural Standards and TABB Procedural Standards
  • Field reports are recorded digitally with each individual measurement time stamped, complimenting JEDI's fully digital CAD and reporting departments
  • Our speed is unmatched: Because reporting is paperless, JEDI Balancing is able to deliver reports via email within 24 hours of completion
Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino
Another succcessful JEDI Balancing project: Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino in New Mexico